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vine weevil

Vine weevil

Keep a watchful eye for signs of vine weevil beetles nibbling the edges of leaves and their grubs who will be munching on roots below the surface.

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  • Raspberry leaf and bud mite

    Raspberry leaf and bud mite

    Yellow blotches on the foliage of raspberries are likely to be caused by a tiny sap-sucking mite that lives on the underside of the leaves during summer. Despite the unhealthy appearance of heavily infested plants, they are often still able to produce a worthwhile crop of fruit.

  • Rat damage on carrots


    Rats are very common animals, they can damage growing and stored fruits and vegetables, they can also spread some potentially serious diseases.

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    Red berry mite

    Red berry mite is a microscopic invertebrate that is a common cause of uneven ripening of blackberries.

  • Bud blast on rhododendron flower buds

    Rhododendron leafhopper and bud blast

    Rhododendron leafhopper causes little direct damage, but can be a problem as it is thought to spread a fungal disease known as bud blast that kills flower buds.

  • © RHS SCN0006559

    Robin's pin cushion (rose bedeguar gall)

    Often affecting wild roses or species roses, robin's pin cushion is a harmless, abnormal growth on the stems of roses consisting of a hard woody structure with an outer covering of moss-like leaves, which are either reddish pink or yellowish green in colour.

  • Rose aphids

    Rose aphids

    Roses can be spoiled by heavy infestations of sap sucking aphids (greenfly, blackfly and related insects) during spring and summer.

  • ©RHS SCN0006057

    Rose leafhopper

    These small sap-sucking pests cause mottling on the leaves of roses and some other rosaceous trees and shrubs.

  • ©RHS SCN0006057

    Rose leafhopper

    Rose leafhopper can cause a course pale mottling to the leaves of roses and some other related plants.

  • Leaf-rolling sawfly damage on a rose. Image: RHS/Tim Sandall

    Rose leaf-rolling sawfly

    Rose leaf-rolling sawfly causes tightly rolled leaves on wild and cultivated roses. This damage is sometimes mistaken for weedkiller damage.

  • Rose problems: frequently asked questions

    Rose problems: frequently asked questions

    Roses seem to suffer from more than their fair share of problems. It is probably partly because this much-loved plant is so widely grown, often in formal rose borders or gardens, and any pest, disease or other problem is soon noticed. That said, some of the older varieties in particular can be very prone to foliar diseases.

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