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vine weevil

Vine weevil

Keep a watchful eye for signs of vine weevil beetles nibbling the edges of leaves and their grubs who will be munching on roots below the surface.

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  • ©RHS PUB0029254

    Fruit aphids

    Most of fruit grown in gardens can be attacked by sap sucking aphids (commonly known as greenfly, blackfly or plant lice) during spring and summer. These may reduce the plant's vigour and spread viruses.

  • ©RHS SCN0006348

    Fuchsia flea beetle

    Metallic blue fuchsia flea beetle adults and their black larvae can feed on the leaves of fuchsias, occasionally resulting in severe defoliation.

  • Fuchsia gall mite

    Fuchsia gall mite

    Fuchsia gall mite is was found for the first on the mainland of Britain in 2007. Since becoming established it has become a serious problem for fuchsia growers in southern England and is spreading northwards.

  • Fungus gnat adults

    Fungus gnats (sciarid flies)

    Fungus gnats, also known as sciarid flies, are associated with damp composts especially in house plants and seed trays.

  • ©RHS SCN0003027

    Gall mites

    Gall mites are tiny animals that cause distinctive abnormal growths (galls) on some plants. In most cases this does not affect the health of a plant. 

  • © RHS SCN0002077

    Geranium sawfly

    The greyish green larvae of geranium sawfly larvae eat holes in geranium leaves during the spring and summer.

  • ©RHS SCN0006541

    Geum sawflies

    The caterpillar like larval stage of two species of sawfly can completely defoliate Geum in spring and summer.

  • ©RHS SCN0006212

    Gladiolus thrips

    Gladiolus thrips can cause a mottling on foliage and flowers of gladiolus.

  • Glasshouse leafhopper (Hauptidia maroccana). Credit: RHS/Entomology.

    Glasshouse leafhopper

    Glasshouse leafhopper can cause a pale mottling on the foliage on a wide range of glasshouse and garden plants, including tomato and fuchsia.

  • Glasshouse red spider mites on webbing. Image: RHS, Horticultural Science

    Glasshouse red spider mite

    Glasshouse red spider mite is a common sap-feeding mite that can cause mottled leaves and early leaf loss on a wide range of greenhouse and garden plants. It is also known as two-spotted spider mite.

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