RHS Britain in Bloom

Britain in Bloom


Supporting communities improving their environment through gardening

More than 3,000 cities, towns, villages and urban communities take part each year to show off their achievements in environmental responsibility, community participation and, of course, horticultural achievement.

The campaign runs all-year round and participating groups report a wide range of benefits such as cleaner, greener and safer surroundings, a growing sense of community pride, and increased commercial enterprise and tourism.

Some of our FAQs

Who can join?

Communities of all sizes can take part, from small villages to large cities. Some groups are entirely run by volunteers and some work in partnership with their local council. Every summer participants are assessed for efforts in three key areas:

  • Horticultural achievement
  • Community participation
  • Environmental responsibility

What kind of things do Bloom groups do?

Activities are selected by each group to meet local needs, but examples include:

  • Caring for local parks and squares
  • Helping to establish school gardens, run wildlife projects and school food-growing initiatives
  • Planting trees and bulbs and creating floral displays in community spaces
  • Organising clean up events, repairing street benches and running anti-litter campaigns
  • Regenerating unused areas with the involvement of local people
  • Creating wildflower meadows and maintaining conservation areas
  • Encouraging people to adopt environmentally-aware activities such as recycling, composting and water harvesting

How do we get started?

Groups start by taking part in their Region / Nation campaign. Those that do well at this level may then be selected to take part in the UK Finals, which are organised by the RHS.

Who gets to the finals?

From the 3,000 communities that take part in the regional campaigns, roughly 80 are selected to go into the annual UK Finals - RHS Britain in Bloom. 

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