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Britain in Bloom

The New Barracks Tenant Management Co-operative in Salford has been involved with Britain in Bloom for three years.

Group member Amber Sanchez said: “The co-operative was founded 30 years ago by a handful of residents passionate about improving their homes and locale. They have achieved a strong and vibrant community, which taking part in Britain In Bloom has illustrated and enhanced. We have many groups and committees here, which oversee the day-to-day running of the co-op and the estate and make decisions, but the Britain In Bloom group is much more hands on. We have worked hard together, all year round to visibly and tangibly better our surroundings. Communal areas (such as the croft, the park and the back ginnels between the rows of houses) in particular are much improved, and now much more used for socialising.

“This year's 'Edible Britain' theme has encouraged even more people to get involved and has really inspired us to grow our own food. It has also spurred the campaign for local allotments and given people the confidence to put their names down for plots. We hope to have a communal plot soon. It's been educational, and good for our health!”

The judges' report last year noted the sad state of the mosaic in the local park, which has catalysed a restoration project and helped the group to procure funds from the John Grant Davies Trust to improve the mosaic. As a potter, Amber has led a series of workshops with local people and children to make tiles which will be glazed and laid later this year.

“We have been looking closely at plants in the park, and impressed their leaves and flowers into clay, which has helped people understand and appreciate local flora,” she explained.

The group has taken the time to make this film about how the campaign has stimulated its local community.

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