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Who can get involved?

Everyone! Whether you have a tiny windowsill to transform with a pot or you’re working on a bigger project – anyone can make a transformation, no matter what size.

Greening Grey Britain for Wildlife

In 2017 we’re Greening Grey Britain for wildlife, transforming bleak grey spaces into great green places for people and wildlife, using plants, community action and enthusiasm. Join dozens of schools and community groups taking action for wildlife this year. 

What can I do?

Simple: transform a grey space in your community with plants. It could be an empty concrete corner, an ugly alleyway or a boring stretch of tarmac that would benefit from new planting. Or it could be a green space that you improve for wildlife by adding more nectar and pollen-rich plants.

Have a look at our activity ideas for inspiration, and download useful resources such as the RHS Perfect for Pollinators plant list. When you’ve decided what you will do, please add your action to the online promise.

Things to remember

If you are working on land that does not belong to you, always ensure you have permission from whoever owns the land before you start work. And if you’ve identified a run-down space to transform, please consider any existing flora or fauna on the site and whether this should be protected. If you are unsure, consult your local Wildlife Trust for advice. Please also ensure that you have the landowner’s permission to work on the site.

For more ideas on transforming your own front garden, download the Front Gardens Guide (1.2MB pdf)

Share your photos!

Once you’ve transformed your space from grey to green, share your before and after photos with us for the chance to win some fantastic prizes! 

Inspirational community greening


There are thousands of Britain in Bloom community groups already greening their towns, villages and cities across the UK. And nearly 30,000 schools take part in the RHS Campaign fr School Gardening, transforming their school grounds and inspiring the next generation.

  • Neighbours in Leeds are using the Bloom campaign to transform areas, bring people together and challenge the perception of neighbourhoods in decline.

They’re always looking for new volunteers. If you’d like to join them, search our map to find your local group or you could set up a group of your own.

Why do we need plants in urban areas?

Gardens play a crucial role in urban and suburban areas, from helping to protect us against flooding and extremes of temperature, to supporting wildlife and human health.

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