Rain, rain go away!

So, how was it for your Bloom group? Judging I mean; here in Essex it was touch and go with some very wet weather

Judge Jeff Bates having lunch at Halstead Bowls ClubOur judging was on Monday 28th July. The weather forecast was dire! I had the two umbrellas, purchased about six years ago for regional judging and never yet used, but would they stand up to the torrential rain that was due?  Mind frantically re-calculating the route to see where we could use car instead of walking and shelter where possible; I went to bed with little expectation of sleep. But sleep did come and we were woken at about 3am by very bright lightning and could hear thunder in the distance. 

I dozed again and at about 4am we were woken again by very heavy rain, and a storm that was much closer.  The storm persisted until about 5.30 but when the alarm woke us at 6.30 it was just raining. Raining heavily, with no sign of stopping. 'Rain before 7, shine before 11' my other half thoughtfully quoted my Granny (who had a saying for every weather eventuality!);  but judging was due to start at 10, so just an hour in the rain then!

We left home about 8am to make our way to the meeting point and get everything ready. It was still raining, but at least it was a bit less heavy. As we travelled along the country lanes we thought that the sky was a bit lighter so hopes rose; 'Ah, blue sky' said Graham, 'enough to make a sailor a pair of trousers' - another of Granny's wise sayings.  By the time we got to the council offices, our designated meeting point, at about 9am there was just a light drizzle in the air, and by the time Jeff and Ian, our judges, arrived all rain had stopped and the sky if not blue was at least a much lighter shade of grey! We were so lucky! All of the judging tour was dry and the promised rain didn't come again until the judges were safely on their way to the train station for the onward journey.

The tour was great, good fun. We certainly enjoyed it and hope that the judges did too. 

Now there seems a bit of a void, with just the maintenance to keep us busy. Can't wait to speak to the judges in October to hear what they have to say.

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