A busy month at North Berwick in Bloom

June began with us moving our Gold Medal winning Pallet Garden from Gardening Scotland to North Berwick

Elaborate one metre squared pallet gardensThese little one metre squared gardens are a very popular feature at the show and rebuilding them on the High Street means that many more people can enjoy them. We also helped Law Primary with their Gold Medal entry and the children have been enjoying seeing their garden.
All the summer displays are planted up and our 90 baskets are hung. North Berwick has a dry climate and we've had very little rain in the last couple of months so watering has been a priority for the newly planted bedding – early mornings for the baskets before our narrow High Street gets busy! The permanent beds are designed to cope with low rainfall, so are quite happy, and our coastal wildflower bed by the harbour looks particularly good at the moment.
North Berwick's coastal wildflower bedTwo weeks ago members of the four local Brownie packs met on a beautiful evening to plant out their young sunflower plants in one of our beds. The Brownies are celebrating their centenary this year so it seemed appropriate to combine their anniversary with the RHS Britain in Bloom 50th celebrations!
Back in February I gave a talk to the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society in Edinburgh and as a follow up a group from “The Caley” came to visit us last week. NB in Bloom committee members and East Lothian Council staff gave a guided tour of our horticultural highlights in glorious sunshine. On Tuesday we had a visit from Uddingston Pride, another Bloom group, although brollies were needed this time.
These are always our busiest months and the regular Monday morning work parties are out every week tidying, weeding and watering. But there's always time to stop for a cup of tea!

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