Volunteers are busy bedding in for the summer at Halstead in Essex

Is it really June already? Where's this year gone...?

....but it must be June as the bedding has been collected and is nearly all planted now. Many local nurseries are fantastic at offering local Bloom groups advice and support.

Colne Valley Nurseries, who have donated loads of sustainable plants to us before, kindly gave us bedding at a reduced price but what a game it was collecting the 12 trolleys of bedding! A local hire company lets us have a Luton van twice each year for bringing plants from Colne Valley to the area where we sort and label plants.

We had to tip and load an empty trolley into the loading bay first, then manhandle all the trays from one trolley on to that, then load another empty trolley, manhandle the trays, etc. etc. Of course when we had the full load of 6 trolleys, plus one empty trolley we had to travel the 10 miles or so back to Halstead then repeat the process to unload. 

At least there we had lots of willing volunteers to assist. So, two loads from that nursery, and then one further load from another location and that was all the summer bedding collected. Well, nearly all, just the 'remainders' to be collected when they are ready.

The team are busy putting out the few remaining displays then we can start maintenance - who's for deadheading?! Yes, it must be June!

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