Saying goodbye to summer

Oh dear, I'm not ready for autumn just yet!

Spiders enjoy the bedding too!Such a shame that the weather has turned cooler with misty mornings, but perhaps we will have an Indian summer. I must say that the mist does colour the landscape with a certain beauty. The spiders' webs look amazing (right) - can't say the same for the spiders! I don't mind them as long as they keep still, but as soon as they move I'm gone!

The summer sun has faded the summer bedding now so reluctantly we will have to remove them soon (below). They've done so well, particularly the begonias this year; even the unseasonal cold weather at the end of August and the winds that were the remnants of a hurricane didn't spoil them too much. But they will have to go; just as the fields are now all brown and ready for seeding the flower containers have to be emptied and refurbished ready for winter bedding.

Summer bedding will soon have to be removedWe do try and leave it until early October to say goodbye to summer, but with the changeable and unpredictable weather this can't always be guaranteed. We live in the driest quadrant of the country here in Essex and have learned to plan ahead for irrigation so it was a bit of a shock to get 30ml of rain last week - that's an inch and a quarter in old money - very unusual at this time of year. My husband is a farmer's son so using his 'weather eye' comes naturally to him and we record temperature and rainfall each week. It's interesting to look back and compare years. It's a shame we can't see what the weather is going to throw at us in the future months! It would be much easier to plan for which plants to use where if we knew what was coming - still that's gardening I guess.

September means results of Regional In Bloom and nerves have already kicked in. We are told that 'everyone's a winner' and that 'it's the taking part that counts' but it doesn't feel like that and 'good' results are so important when sponsorship is being sought. Still, can't do anything about it now, and will continue to try our best. I hope it's a good time for you and that autumn won't have too many surprises for us all.

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