The Bloomers of Britain

An impressive 71 communities were represented at the Britain in Bloom Awards - what a jolly bunch they were!

Britain in Bloom 2014When I was asked to help with the RHS Britain in Bloom awards event this year, I wasn’t sure about it at first. My preconceived views of the sort of people involved in this most British of associations turned out to be false ones. I’ll be honest, I thought I’d find them all well-past actual digging age, possibly of the middle to upper classes with time on their hands and most likely having little taste when it came to plant choices. How wrong could I have been?

The 400-plus souls who graced the red carpet of the awards hosted by Bristol City Council and Bristol in Bloom on October 16th 2014 in all their floral finery, were an eclectic mixture of people from all walks of life.

Britain in Bloom 2014 awardsAsides from the dignitaries, the lovely people of the RHS council and organisers, and the smattering of garden glitterati, including the host Adam Frost (himself an RHS ambassador), Jekka McVicar (well-known for her herb nursery) and RHS council member Jon Wheatley (who has won 14 RHS gold medals), there came the ‘real’ people of the event – the ‘Bloomers’ themselves.

An impressive 71 communities were represented at the event, and what a jolly bunch they were! Whooping and air-punching was abundant, which made me smile as I’d been expecting quiet restrained clapping! There was so much joy, encouragement and support in that grand room for everyone involved.

It was a real treat of an evening and well done to everyone who participated, attended, organised and whooped, I’ll look forward to the next event with my enlightened view. Bring on the Bloomers!

** Please note the contents of this blog reflect the views of its author and are not necessarily those of the RHS **

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