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RHS Affiliated Societies can quickly find speakers for talks and judges for shows using our new system. The Judges & Speakers List allows you to see who is available in your region and how you can contact them to discuss your event. Most speakers have at least 5 different talks they can give to groups.

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The RHS is grateful to all those speakers and judges who have agreed to appear on the register. If you would like to be included on our lists please use one of the forms below.

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Amend your details

If you need to amend your existing details on the list please use one of the forms below. Please make sure you fill in your name and email address plus any details that you wish to amend.  Please leave blank any sections not for amending

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Please note: This is a free service provided by the RHS to assist speakers, judges and affiliated societies alike. A speaker or judge's appearance on the list does not confer any endorsement by the RHS and speakers and judges may be removed from the list if the RHS receives any negative feedback about them.

Speaker feedback

If you have just had an event please download the feedback form here and let us know what you thought your speaker.

Further information

This list is for the sole use of RHS Affiliated Societies and those speakers or judges on the register. It is not for commercial use nor for marketing of products or services by any third party.

If you have any questions please telephone 01483 226 554 or email Affiliated Societies.

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