Christmas at Longwood

A novice photographer captures the transformation of the Longwood conservatory into a winter wonderland

Lights in the nightChristmas garden elves

Over a period of three days, the Longwood conservatory was completely transformed from the chrysanthemum festival to a winter wonderland.

From Sunday night until Wednesday morning a small army of gardeners, and other Longwood staff, worked tirelessly on getting the gardens ready for Christmas. This involved tearing out the old chrysanth display, which didn’t take too long, and then re-placing it with Christmas in all it's glory. The gardeners were like worker ants (or Santa's elves) running around the conservatory as directed by Karl and his team, creating Christmas structures the like of which I have never seen before.  

Longwood caught on film

For Christmas I bought myself a new camera (and allowed myself to open it before the day). I therefore had to take as many photographs as possible to practise and what better subject than a Longwood Christmas .

With lights galore this festive treat was a wonder to behold for this budding new photographer. I walked around pretending I knew how to use my new camera, and between the fantastic light display and the brilliance of the camera the pictures actually looked half decent. What do you think?

View my photographs in the Longwood Christmas gallery

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