Making autumn crowns

It's half term next week...this has come as something of a shock to me...

I mean, I could swear the kids only went back to school about three days ago. Still, I have re-checked the calendar many times and I can confirm IT IS TRUE!

So, for those of you who may be similarly surprised to find small people kicking around the house next week I thought I would share some of my autumnal ideas from 101 Things For Kids To Do Outside over the following few days.

First up are autumn crowns.

For younger children it's easiest to make these using a long strip of card which you can staple or tape so it fits around their head. Next, put a thick piece of double-sided sticky tape around the outer surface.

They can then go outside and begin making the crown by attaching leaves to it, carefully pulling back the sticky tape backing as they go. If the children overlap the leaves slightly they'll find it covers up more of the card.

For older children, or if you are out and about with no card, or if you simply have mild heart palpatations at the cost of double sided sticky tape, you can make the crown base using natural material. First of all find some bendy twigs - young slender new growth works well and willow is ideal.  If you plait three lengths, about 50cm (1½ ft) long, you can then bend this into a circular shape and weave the ends into each other to stop it unravelling. Then just add a few more lengths, woven in and out, to strengthen the structure.

The children can decorate the crown with leaves by slipping the leaf stalks between the twigs which will hold them firm. They can even add seedheads or berries for a crown with added 'bling'.

Next time... how to make a 'wind clunk'...

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