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'Cheerfulness under adversity', p.45 from Language of Flowers, illustrated by Kate Greenaway. Published 1884Our Language of Flowers display has done a grand job of pulling visitors out of the cold and into the garden library. This curious 19th-century craze, which engaged the hearts and fancies of the Victorians had no historical, mythological or any other basis - but became the fertile sand on which a folklore was built.

Resourceful authors and shrewd entrepreneurs were quick to see a gap in the market and, what might have originated as a bit of fun for the grown-ups was cleaned-up and peddled to a younger audience. The Lindley Library has over twenty books from this period, together with greetings cards and a board game.

A lost language?

Front cover of the board game Das Reich der Blumenkönigin [or The realm of the queen of flowers] produced for the German, French and English markets, 1860s–1870sA look at our catalogue indicates a dearth of material on this subject between the end of the 1914-18 war and the beginning of the 1960s, suggesting the Language of Flowers had become archaic.

However, with the emergence of interest in the Victorian era it staged a comeback and persists as an intriguing subject for modern authors. It can be a source of inspiration for contemporary artists too.

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