Brent Elliott

Head Librarian

I was never able to decide whether I belonged in the arts or the sciences; so a library which covered everything from taxonomy to flower arranging suited me exactly

I have worked in the RHS Lindley Library for 37 years now, for 25 of those years as Head Librarian. I came to the Library straight from university; having discovered garden history as a subject, I wanted a job which allowed me to focus on that area.  My remit has expanded, however, and I have written books and articles about garden history, the history of botany, and botanical art – not to mention the history of the RHS.

 I found that the Lindley Library was the best possible place to work. The Canadian school system did not require early specialisation, and I was never able to decide whether I really belonged in the arts or the sciences; so a library which covered botany and taxonomy on the one hand, and garden design and flower arranging on the other, suited me exactly.

Brent's posts and conversations

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