Jim Arbury

Curatorial Specialist

I have had a lifelong interest in growing fruit and vegetables and have cultivated them since I was a child

After studying Botany and Geography at Sheffield University, I started working at Wisley in 1982 . For most of that time I have worked in the Fruit section, carrying out all aspects of fruit growing.

I enjoy instructing trainees, staff and visitors. I have written articles and sections of books including the tree fruit section of the RHS Vegetable and Fruit Growing.

I have also written a book on pears and one on plums which describe some of the more well-known cultivars. In the autumn I am involved in fruit identification at the four RHS Gardens and at events.

In my spare time I grow fruit and vegetables on an allotment with my wife Ewa - we never seem to have enough space to grow everything that we would like to. I have kept bees since 1992 which aid the pollination of the orchard. 

Jim's posts and conversations

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