Summer events are well under way...

I've been organising this week – RHS Garden Harlow Carr is immersed in activity with its summer events programme...

Well, we have just survived the BBC being on site at RHS Garden Harlow Carr for a week, more of which will be revealed later, suffice to say that we all felt the need to lie down in a darkened room afterwards. It’s all very interesting to be part of the process however, and all of us learned a thing or two along the way.

As our summer events programme for children, ‘The Great Garden Quest’, continues we were tasked with preparing an area suitable for a ‘taster session of archery’. Now, those of you who know Harlow Carr will know that there’s not much space where bows and arrows can safely be flung about without damage, and we were asked to put on our thinking caps and find a space. After a bit of head scratching we decided to take the events team on a walk up to the top of south field. There were doubtful looks, both at the area and their feet, which were now rather damp from all the long grass they were standing in. 'Trust me,' I said, and in a week or two’s time there we were standing in a perfectly good ‘mown’ event space.

Afternoon tea at BettysElsewhere in the garden I have been involved with ordering more hard core for a base for a new shelter up in the woodland. Regular readers of this blog will remember that I ordered the wrong stuff last time and had to grovel a lot to get them to take it back to the quarry; ha, no such mistake this time: 40 tonnes of 40mm clean limestone just rolled off my tongue like I’d been in the trade for years! The new shelter is being made off site and will be constructed of green oak – its nestled in the top corner of the woodland and is part of an exciting new project that we have been involved with in conjunction with Bettys – I for one can’t wait to see it built and in place. Watch this space for more news!

On Friday last we had the archery event and it proved most popular despite the rain doing its best to get in the way. The girls in events love their new space and it won’t be the last time it gets used (until winter sets in of course and the field becomes a veritable bog – I haven’t shared that bit with them yet!).

I’m off on my hols now – back soon...

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