All is safely gathered in

Meadows, meconopsis and a marvellously unexpected guest to RHS Garden Harlow Carr

We have been very busy gathering in our meadow areas at RHS Garden Harlow Carr that have been cut and left to dry; Pete was having to return back along his route with a rake and a wheelbarrow as half of the meadow grass had draped its way gracefully along a line of shrubs, adding more decoration than we really required.

RHS Garden Harlow Carr's new pizza ovenElsewhere in the garden this week we have been gently manoeuvring the new pizza oven into place in the productive kitchen garden. This is being prepared ready for our autumn ‘Grow your Own’ event, where a local chef comes in and bakes flatbreads and pizza and all manner of tasty food - much of it harvested from our kitchen garden area - oh, I can’t wait... It’s a very popular event; for the first time the oven has got its own bespoke plinth, designed by the kitchen garden team themselves and built by our on-site maintenance team. Well done to all of them, it all looks very fine.

Harlow Carr's meconopsis trialWe have come to the end of our three-year Meconopsis trial and the plants concerned fared very well during their trial, where they were assessed and evaluated. They are now being re-planted in pockets along the stream side which will be their permanent home. We have always had these beautiful Meconopsis as a feature of the gardens and have a continual renewal programme in the nursery so we can keep stocked up. The plants take about three years to be grown large enough to plant out, and our nurseryman Andrew has to keep a watchful eye on them; but they do grow well here and when they flower May, June time they look glorious.

Unexpected visitorAs I was helping clear up fallen bits of meadow grass from around the bathhouse, horticulturist Aimee-Beth came through the lower gates with a trailer full of mulch. I was most amused to see a large frog hitching a ride on the side of the trailer; how he got there is anybody’s guess, but I waved for her to stop and we rescued him from a potentially hazardous situation and popped him in a flower bed safely away from danger...all in a day’s work!

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