If a tulip could smile….

It certainly would be, this fine morning as I write my blog. The tulips are at the bottom of the entrance steps and make a glorious welcome into the garden

Tulips at RHS Garden Harlow CarrHaving had a week off on holiday followed by some enforced time at home poorly, I was delighted to be back at work and raring to go; but as usual I was amazed by how much had come on in the garden during the week and a half that I had been missing.

The tulips that had been no more than greenery were positively bursting with colour and radiance. They are a dolly mixture of colours from yellows though to the darkest of purples and all the ranges in-between, and include 'Apricot Perfection', one of the People’s Choice tulips that were voted the best at the Chelsea Flower Show last year. The next couple of days will see them in their full array of colours.

Horsing around in the arboretum

Nathan with Carol
Down in the arboretum some very velvety muzzles were nosing about - the Airedale horseman and his team of heavy horses were once more on site. Nathan and his chums were gently stepping over logs and helping us clear areas where heavy machinery couldn’t possibly get, in readiness for further exciting planting schemes. They always attract a bank of admirers among all who see them.

Meanwhile back in the office we are up to our eyes interviewing again, this time it’s for the two new apprentices that will join us in August, and some temporary maternity cover positions. I am knee deep in applications, CVs and competency profiles. They all represent a lot of hard work, and for my part I shut myself away to give them the time to consider each one quietly.

Drumstick primulaWalking past a corner of the garden that is quite shrubby and overgrown (yes we do have those forgotten corners) I stopped as a flash of colour assailed my eye, crawling about – I seem to do a lot of that – I found it was a beautiful drumstick primula; but the richest deepest purple - 'what a little delight' I thought, as I whipped out my camera to snap it.

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