Autumn misty days

As autumn begins, we're treated to misty days and things that go bump in the car park...

Spider webThe fog has descended, and it spreads across the garden like a dense blanket, settling everywhere. Many spiders’ webs are highlighted in this dampest and stillest of days, which makes me stop and wonder at the beauty of nature. The spider, just doing her job, had caught a host of insects, her web spun as it was between two trees and a bamboo. The garden is at its most atmospheric when it’s like this and it felt more like October than late September.

The challenge I have given the woodland team is to make some giant spiders’ webs to hang up around our big wooden spider in our Young Explorers' play area. This is in readiness for the October half term ‘Spooky Woodlands’ where we’re having all sorts of outdoor fun plus indoor activities - keep an eye on the website for details or pick up a leaflet from the entrance to RHS Garden Harlow Carr.

Meanwhile up in one of the car parks, someone’s car (with a loose handbrake cable) rolled into another one causing consternation and general mayhem all round, fortunately the two owners returned fairly quickly and all was sorted out amicably with minimal damage.

Autumn toadstoolFungal forays
Toadstools galore are popping up all over, seeming to appear overnight. The shape, size and colours of these fungal fruiting bodies fascinates me and many others, and in our Autumn Food and Wood Festival weekend 10-11 October we have Fungus forays with our local experts identifying edible mushrooms.

Student plotsWork, work, work
Three new students arrived in September to attend our School of Horticulture programme. They will be with us for a year and the garden team have been busy preparing a new area for their allotment plots where they will be working to a script of plants (although we are putting down the boundary edges for them so they have their limits).

The students have their first lecture block study coming up at our site at RHS Garden Wisley, and all of the students from across all four gardens will meet up there. This is a great opportunity for them to make new friends and contacts and generally do some networking - we wish them all the best for this forthcoming year of study.

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