Giving the linhay a lift

A traditional West Country building, the linhay is receiving continued improvements to preserve its timeless appearance for the future 

Over the years our small animal shelter linhay* overlooking Lady Anne’s arboretum at RHS Garden Rosemoor has evolved from a stable into a wedding venue. This transformation was achieved by refurbishing some of the original features; including a hay rick, milk churn and drinking trough, and a restoration of the fabric of the building including a new slate roof and decorative oak panelling frontage.

In order to rejuvenate the building further we are adding more original antiquities, and improving the flooring. Firstly we are laying a new fine finish screed floor within the linhay, which will improve the uneven levels. Adjoining this will be a new sandstone paved area to the front, providing a space to admire the arboretum below. Additionally, two new paths have been created leading from the drive to the rear of each side of the linhay, giving all-weather access. Finally, the ground levels meeting these new features will be corrected and turf laid to create a seamless finish.

" original manual grinding stone that would have been used on the estate to sharpen traditional tools, such as scythes and hooks."

Another element of this project has been the organisation of a new oak frame for an original manual grinding stone that would have been used on the estate to sharpen traditional tools, such as scythes and hooks. Having sourced kiln dried character oak from a local supplier I was lucky enough to persuade one of my team’s dad, (a master joiner before retiring) to construct the frame to its original specifications.

Once the new floor and landscaping is complete we will place the grinding stone in the building and some agricultural granite artefacts around it complete the linhay. Hopefully enticing more of you to come take a look!

*A linhay (pronounced linny) is a traditional farm building for livestock or storage. Particulary common in the South West, it has an open front, and typically a lean-to roof. 

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