Celebrate our apples!

This year, Apple Day at Rosemoor is on October 5th; it's a national event, celebrating the apple in all its glory

Apples thriving in the orchard at RHS Garden RosemoorWe grow about 100 varieties (some local, some not) in various trained forms as well as in a traditional orchard; and for all seasons from late summer right through to late varieties which will store through the winter. Come and join us on 5th October to find out more.

Here is a small selection of what we grow, starting with:

‘Discovery’: A good reliable early (ready in August) and the first English apple you will see for sale. It is in fact a cross between a ‘Worcester Pearmain’ and ‘Beauty of Bath’.

‘Red Miller’s Seedling’: A small juicy, sweet apple ready in August/September and makes a handsome espalier.

‘Michaelmas Red’: Another one which we grow as an espalier and as the name implies, it is ready around Michaelmas Day.

‘Lord Lambourne’: This is a cross between a ‘Worcester Pearmain’ and ‘James Grieve’, a crisp, juicy apple ready in September and will keep for a few weeks.

‘Sunset’: This is a seedling of  'Cox', but much easier to grow in our damp climate, and is like a small 'Cox', with a sharp flavour. Ready in late September and will keep until December.

‘Kidd’s Orange Red’: One of our most reliable apples and is another cox’s orange pippin cross with a strong aromatic flavour. Pick in October and it will keep until Christmas.

Apple 'Ashmead's Kernel'‘Ashmeads Kernel’ (left): An excellent late apple which will keep beyond Christmas, a russet type with a rich intense flavour.

We also have a selection of cider apples with intriguing names including ‘Fair Maid of Devon’, 'Harry Master’s Jersey’ and ‘Slack Ma Girdle’. And several cookers including most people’s favourite:

‘Bramley's Seedling’: the original tree is still standing and cropping after 200 years.

‘Dumelows Seedling’: A good late cooker which makes the best baked apples and is also the best for mincemeat.

‘Golden Noble’: Ready in October and its creamy texture makes it ideal in pies.

So why not go to an Apple Day near you and celebrate all things appley!

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