Say it with sculpture

I have always loved the idea of using sculpture in the garden – any garden...

Frost on George Hider's Hen and CockerelA unique, characterful piece of work will add another dimension to your garden space and probably bring a smile to your face too!

Being able to use RHS Garden Rosemoor as a base for different sculptures had always been a big hope and preoccupation of mine, so the initiation of our first collection of work six years ago got me very excited. It is now an established part of our events programme and continues into 2015 with an exciting and eclectic mix of exhibits (most for sale) spread throughout the garden.

But what makes a sculpture a sculpture? The definition is somewhat blurred. Stonehenge was created as an imposing spiritual monument, but it has turned out to be an inspiration for sculptors everywhere. At the other end of the scale, when does an old lawnmower, roller, bench or cloche become more than the thing it was intended to be? According to Drew Pritchard, from TV’s ‘Salvage Hunters’, most probably after it’s been discarded, left at the back of a shed and then rediscovered years later. Suddenly these objects are viewed in a different way and become desirable features to enhance the garden.

Bryan Sentance's Guardian has weathered beautifullyThere is no need to worry about how a piece will stand up to the vagaries of our weather; sculptors take this into account and pieces invariably get better as they age. During that first winter exhibition, sculptor Bryan Sentance offered one of his large oak Guardians to us as a gift. I asked Brian if I should treat it with preservative. ‘Don’t bother Dave’, he said. ‘Let it weather; that’s what it’s meant to do.' He was right. Six years on the guardian has aged beautifully without the aid of make up!

Our sculpture trail leaflet will help you discover all of the exhibits, but if you want the personal touch, there is a guided walk most Wednesdays at 11.30am.

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