Sunny sunflowers that will make you shrink

Our sunflower walk will make your little ones think they are getting even smaller, Alice in Wonderland style

2015 is the year of the sunflower, and the RHS is running a trial of more than 100 sunflowers at RHS Garden Wisley.

We have sown 25 of these varieties at Rosemoor and in May we planted them out in the allotment area on the Peter Buckley Learning Centre.

With names such as ‘Big Smile’, ‘Fireball’ and ‘Mongolian Giant’ to name just a few, it has created a bright and colourful display with some really tall sunflowers to tower above our visitors.

The year of the sunflower has coincided perfectly with the Alice in Wonderland exhibition here at Rosemoor and we have made use of the sunflowers to create a small trail for our younger visitors. By planting the sunflowers in size order, you enter at one end through a willow tunnel, where we have planted the shorter varieties including ‘Teddy Bear’ and ‘Bambino’. The path winds through the middle of the sunflowers and they get taller and taller finishing with varieties such as ‘Tall Timber’ and ‘Giraffe’.

We hope to create the illusion that you are shrinking in size as you proceed along the path, but don’t worry: as you pass through the magic archway at the other end you will be restored to your normal size.

Once the sunflowers have finished flowering we will leave them in place for the seeds to ripen and provide a food source for the many varieties of birds that call RHS Garden Rosemoor their home.

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