Rosemoor in summer

Lose yourself in our renowned rose gardens, stroll the borders and see just how colourful late summer can be in the Hot Garden

The Shrub Rose Garden
Rosemoor has two dedicated rose gardens packed with 200 different cultivars across a huge range of colours, habits and perfumes. Join us as we celebrate the collection with a Rose Festival, featuring rose flower arranging demonstrations, a self-guided Rose Trail, quality roses for sale and a floral-themed craft and food market. 

The Cottage Garden in JuneOur Cottage Garden is the epitome of a classic cottage garden, with its exuberant mix of colourful plants, all jostling for space in beds between brick pathways.

Plants on the Long Border always look fabulous, partly due to staking when they begin to put on growth. It is always worth the effort to ensure your plants are well supported; stakes placed before the plants get too big will soon be covered up with new foliage.

The Exotic Garden has a wide range of plants to help create a lush jungle feel, many of which are fully hardy and help provide structure. Musa basjoo is a must for its large foliage, and Trachycarpus fortunei adds a taste of the exotic. 

Statue in the Herb GardenWhite and red miniature water lilies, and sweet scents from the surrounding herb beds make this central pool in the Herb Garden a favourite spot for visitors.

The lake in August
Pontederia makes a colourful display around the lake and waterlilies complete the picture. The Gunnera look magnificent with their gargantuan leaves. Look out for moorhen and mallard chicks swimming after their parents looking for food; if you don’t spot them, then the fish will keep you entertained.

The Hot Garden in AugustBy August, the most vibrant spot at Rosemoor is the Hot Garden. It is unashamedly colourful, filled with oranges, yellows, purples and reds with wispy grasses to prevent the scheme from getting ‘blocky’. You can admire the whole garden from the terrace and then follow the winding pathways through the plants for a closer look.

The Mediterranean Garden in summerPlants in the Mediterranean Garden feel at home in the summer sunshine. When the sun activates the aromatic oils in the leaves and the heat bounces from the gravel and boulders, you can really believe that you are on holiday in Southern Europe.

The Fruit and Vegetable Garden is quite spectacular and a great place to pick up new ideas for your own vegetable plot. The flowers not only look lovely, they also help attract pollinators and encourage beneficial insects which prey on pests such as aphids.

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