Splendour of the Grass - Rohanna Heyes, Wisley Trainee

It was the light, the way it shone through the seed heads, like they were made of delicate gossamer threads, they came alive and danced, like fireflies across my mind, and at every turn they were there. As part studying for the Diploma of Horticulture at Wisley we have to submit a collection of 10 dried plant specimens, pressed and presented in traditional standard herbarium format. This weekend I began collecting and pressing samples for my chosen topic: grasses. I imagine they will make as beautiful pressed specimens as they do alive and sunlit. Pictured below is the short-lived perennial (often treated as an annual) Hordeum jubatum, or foxtail barley. It can be found on the borders surrounding the Glasshouse Lake at Wisley, an excellent choice for this site, where once established it is happy on dry soils and in full sun.


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