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Halloween hues in new sedge

This uniquely coloured new sedge adds orange glows to autumn and winter gardens

Every garden needs neat colourful evergreens that are well-behaved and easy to grow. At the front of the border or in containers, dependable colour is invaluable and the new in the EverColor Series of sedges proves the point.

Carex morrowii ‘Everglow'The latest in a series of seven varieties, with more on the way, ‘Everglow’ makes an attractive mound of slender, finely pointed evergreen foliage, maturing to about 60cm in height and slightly less in spread.

At its brightest from early autumn through to late winter, the deep green leaves are edged in orange fading to creamier shade in spring and summer. This is the only sedge with such a dramatic orange colouring.

Developed by Patrick Fitzgerald of Fitzgerald Nurseries in Co. Kilkenny, Ireland, he told me all about it.

“‘Everglow’ has a specific seasonality of peak effectiveness in its unique colouring,” he said. “It turns its brightest orange between the end of July and the end of November, which makes it a perfect autumn colour especially for Halloween colour containers. From December onwards ‘Everglow’ can start to get more rustic with bronzed foliage tips and fades from December through to April when new growth emerges and takes over.

“‘Everglow’ is the only one of our EverColor Series to come from C. morrowii. It arose from C. morrowii ‘Fisher’s Form’ which we’ve grown for many years.

“I’ve always favoured working on C. oshimensis due to its hardiness, shade tolerance, drought tolerance and other features. But the colour of ‘Everglow’ is not matched in other grassy plants in any way, the hue of orange is so cheerful. It’s the kind of orange that just gives a good positive vibe.”

Carex morrowii ‘Everglow’ is available from Crocus.

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