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    AGM plants have been through a rigorous trial and assessment programme. They are:

    • Excellent for ordinary use in appropriate conditions
    • Available to buy
    • Of good constitution
    • Essentially stable in form & colour
    • Reasonably resistant to pests & diseases

Most popular new plants in the 2015 RHS Plant Finder

The 2015 RHS Plant Finder is out, these are the ten new plants available from the most different nurseries.

It’s not the forsythia and or the cherry blossom that tell us that spring is here, it’s not the daffodils or the tulips. It’s the arrival, with a very heavy thud, of the new edition of the RHS Plant Finder! And it’s now out.
Campanula Iridescent Bells ('Iribella')With more than 70,000 plants included and the nurseries listed that stock each one and with almost 600 nurseries covered, this is the indispensible guide to where to buy the plants you need. All the names are verified by RHS botanists.
This new edition includes around 3,500 new additions, plants that have never been included in the RHS Plant Finder before. Many of these are absolutely brand new. And while many are listed by just one nursery - this is why you need the book, how are you going to find that nursery otherwise? – some of the newcomers are stocked by a range of nurseries.
Top of the list of new plants available from the most different nurseries this year is Campanula Iridescent Bells. Here’s the full list.
1 Campanula Iridescent Bells ('Iribella') with purple buds opening to purple-tinted white flowers (left). More on this plant next time. 11 stockists
2= Blechnum brasiliense 'Volcano' Big and bold fern with new red fronds but a little tender. 8 stockists
2= Rosa The Lady of the Lake ('Ausherbert') Repeat-flowering pale pink rambler with a citrus scent. 8 stockists
2= Rosa The Poet's Wife ('Auswhisper') Short growing bush rose with well scented yellow flowers. 8 stockists
5 Sanguisorba 'Little Angel' Dark red thimbles held above variegated leaves. 7 stockists
6= Clematis Corinne ('Evipo063') Short growth with pink-striped white flowers. 6 stockists
6= Erysimum 'Red Jep' Compact perennial wallflower with deep red flowers. 6 stockists
6= Rehmannia 'Magic Dragon' Honey-throated, bee friendly, pink flowers on elegant plants (right). 6 stockistsRehmannia 'Magic Dragon'
6= Rosa Olivia Rose Austin ('Ausmixture') Exceptionally disease-resistant, well scented pink bush rose. 6 stockists
6= Senecio polyodon var. polyodon South African daisy with carmine flowers on sprawling plants.  6 stockists
You can buy the new edition of the RHS Plant Finder from the RHS bookshop at a generous discount. Please, never ever use an old edition.

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