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The first guaranteed dwarf pampas grass

The first genuinely dwarf pampas grass can even be grown in containers

We’ve been promised dwarf varieties of pampas grass, Cortaderia selloana, in the past. But even the true-to-type ‘Pumila’ reaches 4ft (1.2m) in height and, if you find yourself with one of the many impostors masquerading under the name, yours could reach 6ft (1.8m). Cortaderia selloana Tiny Pampa (‘Day1’) is different, it really is dwarf.

Cortaderia selloana Tiny Pampa (‘Day1’)Reaching only 2ft (60cm) in height, young plants of Tiny Pampa one or two years old flower prolifically for six to eight weeks.

The plumes are nestled low in the fountain of foliage making an impressively compact plant. It can be used as a focal point in a small garden or in a container on the patio.

Sander van Vliet of Van Vliet New Plants BV, the European agent, told me about the plant. “Tiny Pampa was first discovered September 2012 by Marcel de Pater and David Bakhuijzen at their Daylight Nursery in Boskoop, The Netherlands. It was a sport on C. selloana ‘Pumila’ and was assessed on trial until its short stature was proven consistent.

“More recently, in 2015 a variegated form, with golden edged foliage has arisen,” he told me, “a sport of Tiny Pampa that has proved stable over the last five years. It has been named Tiny Pampa Gold (‘Day2’) and will be available soon.”

You can order Cortaderia selloana Tiny Pampa (‘Day1’) from Thompson & Morgan.
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