Reliably ruffled pansies at last!

A new series of British-bred pansies brings us frilly flowers in five colours – guaranteed

Pansy Ruffles SeriesFor over a hundred years, gardeners have appreciated frilly pansies. ‘Frilled Mixed’ and ‘Ruffled Mixed, appeared regularly in catalogues back the 1920s, and before.

The latest incarnation is ‘Frizzle Sizzle Mixed’. But that’s what they are – mixed. Mixed in flower colour but also, more importantly, mixed in the sense that some of the plants have frilly flowers - and some do not.

The British-bred Ruffles Series changes all that.

All the previous ruffled pansies were raised from seed and it was just impossible to keep them true-to-type so, sometimes, almost all the plants turned out to be regular pansies – no frills at all!

What's the difference?

Developed by the British breeders who created the Tumbelina double petunias, and many other breakthrough patio plants, these new pansies are raised from cuttings so every single one will be boldly ruffled and 100% consistent in form and colour.

A long flowering season

These are either spring or summer flowering pansies so they’re adapted to both winter and summer conditions. All five varieties in the Ruffles Series are heat tolerant, they stay compact in hot weather so the stems won’t stretch and collapse into a chaotic mess – they keep their shape well.

But they also take winter weather and in pots on a cosy patio will flower in the autumn and then again in spring. It all depends on when you plant them. You can order now for delivery in late September or early October. I suggest ordering promptly in case they sell out.

You can order these Ruffles Series pansies from Hayloft Plants or from de Jager via QVC.

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