Common name: Angel's trumpet

With its large, scented, trumpet flowers, hanging in abundance from its branches all summer, this tropical shrub or small tree is a real showstopper. Grow it in a large container outdoors in summer or indoors all year. Protect it from winter cold, and water liberally and daily throughout the growing season. 


The exotic floral trumpets, with their flared rim, can reach 30cm (1ft) long, and hang from the branches over the summer months. This large shrub or small tree grows vigorously to form a branching canopy.


Give it water – and plenty of it – daily to keep it growing strongly. It also likes a warm, sheltered location, either indoors or outside in summer. Let it take a rest over winter, but always keep it above 7–10˚C (45–50˚F).


This tropical plant can't tolerate winter cold, so keep it above 7–10˚C (45–50˚F) by bringing it indoors over winter. Don't let it dry out or become waterlogged during the growing season. 

Did you know?

All parts of this plant are highly poisonous and the sap can irritate skin, so always wear gloves when handling it. 

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