Annual delphiniums

Botanical name: Delphinium, Consolida

Common name: Larkspur

Annual delphiniums and larkspur (Consolida) are free-flowering easy to grow plants. Add them to borders for long lasting displays all summer or grow as a cut flower to enjoy in the house.


Flowering throughout summer, annual delphiniums and larkspur have ferny leaves and upright spikes of pink, blue or white flowers, single or double. Plants can be up to 1.2m (4ft) high, but dwarf forms only reach 45cm (18in) so are good for the front of borders.


They like light soil that drains freely and full sun. Stake taller plants to stop the flower stems flopping over. 


Avoid shady sites. Rich soil may encourage leaves at the expense of flowers.

Did you know?

Annual delphiniums make long lasting cut flowers and, with regular picking, will go on producing further flower spikes well into autumn

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