• AGM plants

    AGM plants have been through a rigorous trial and assessment programme. They are:

    • Excellent for ordinary use in appropriate conditions
    • Available to buy
    • Of good constitution
    • Essentially stable in form & colour
    • Reasonably resistant to pests & diseases

Fiona Davison

Head of Libraries and Exhibitions

I love gardening and books – so running the Lindley Library is my dream job

I love the fact that I work closely with unique items such as Capability Brown’s account book, rare 16th century herbals or the stunning botanical art works that we care for.

My favourite part of the job is opening a box in the store and finding yourself face to face with an unexpected treasure. It doesn’t have to be beautiful or valuable to fascinate me, I am very happy to spend time leafing through the 1921 catalogue of the Hull Fish Manure Company!

Fiona's posts and conversations

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