Update on sustainability progress

In light of the recent media coverage we’ve had about ‘weeds’ at RHS Chelsea and our own beliefs on increasing biodiversity in gardens and being more sustainable, we wanted to update you on where we are on some of our own processes.

We are removing the final weeds and bugs control products in our shops and online – a process we’ve been doing for some time. By early May, RHS retail will only sell pesticide free plant protection products as part of our ongoing approach to garden as sustainably as possible.
In 2021, we cancelled the branded licencing of weed killer & slug pellets & have significantly changed our thinking since licencing the products 5 years ago. Whilst the decision to cease branded licensing was two years ago, some independent retailers still have old stock available.
We are currently undertaking a significant project to update thousands of advice pages to reflect our current views on gardening for the environment, many of which can be found at this link
We know that we are on a journey. Our RHS Sustainability Strategy sets out our big ambitions to be as sustainable as possible and our aims to continue to increase biodiversity in our RHS Gardens and the UK’s gardens. You can read our strategy at this link

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