We get sowing

It may be cold outside but we're sowing the seeds of summer

Any takers for adding a caption?!

Here's Judi and myself with the bamboo frames used to mark out the new wildflower area.

Maybe the pressure was getting to us a little.


For those of you that haven't sown wildflowers before, here are some steps;

1. Prepare the ground by removing all weeds and vegetation - see previous post.

2. Rake the soil level and mark out 1 metre squares, using a bamboo frame to scratch lines in the ground at regular 1m intervals;

3. Measure out enough seed (a mere 5 grams!) to sow a square metre and add a handful of kiln-dried sand to bulk it out and make it easier to sow;

4. Evenly broadcast the seed/sand mix over a marked out square of soil, then lightly rake in.

The hosepipe in the pic above was purely there to mark out our boundary. Thankfully, as we got the seed in the ground just before Easter to the rains nicely watered the site for us.

Is anyone else having a go at growing wildflowers this year? It seems really popular.

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