Solar technology and stormy skies

Both visitors and wildlife are undeterred by stormy weather at Plants for Bugs

Strips of turf removed for solar panels at Deers FarmA large strip of turf has mysteriously disappeared just outside our Plants for Bugs plot at Deers Farm in Wisley Village. A little birdie has told me it is something to do with some new solar panels designed to power some of the lighting and equipment at our Field Research Facility next door. Not much sun out today but I’ll keep you posted.

Bee on Joe pye weed with stormy skyMeanwhile, the plots have been getting a good soaking. With storm clouds brewing and thunder rumbling we knew the rain wasn’t far away. Then the bad weather siren sounded across the River Wey on Wisley Golf Course – guess you don’t want to be out in the thunder and lightning with a metal club in your hand – our signal to find some cover. Managed to catch a couple of photos of the wonderful purple Joe Pye weed (Eupatorium maculatum) before the heavens opened. They were covered in hoverflies, honey bees, and even the odd banded demoiselle and hornet.

Fortunately, our sandy soil lets the rain straight through but not so in our Advisory Desk at the Wisley Plant Centre, which suffered yet another flooding (its third in the last couple of months). Fortunately our members are made of sturdy stuff and don’t get put off by a little water underfoot.

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