Call for science award nominations

Cash prizes to be awarded to PhD students for future career development

The Marsh Horticultural Science Award has been made possible by a generous annual donation by the Marsh Christian Trust, which is made to a PhD student who has made exceptional progress in their studies. The student is to be carrying out research in some aspect of horticultural science and be based in the UK. The aim of the award is to enable the student to undertake an activity which will help with their career development which would otherwise not be possible.

The award is a sum of £1,000 to go towards the career development activity identified by the successful applicant. There is also a Highly Commended Award of £500 which may be made to an applicant which in Brian Marsh’s view deserves recognition.

The final decision on the recipient is made by Mr Marsh, on the recommendation of the RHS Science Committee. The award is made at the John MacLeod Annual Lecture in November.

Nomination process

  • The nominated student should complete the attached form and return it to the RHS
  • The student’s lead academic supervisor needs to send a covering letter or email endorsing the student’s nomination
  • Applications should be received by Friday 24 June for consideration by Science Committee at their meeting on 14 July

Completing the form

As Mr Marsh reviews the applications recommended by Science Committee, the applicant should provide a summary of their work in layman’s terms in Section 1.

While the award is not conditional on the use to which the money is put, the applicant should give some indication of how the award would make a difference to their career development. This should be given in Section 2.

The description of the project may contain more technical information but the applicant needs to emphasise the nature of their achievements to date in the progress of the project. This can be in terms of papers submitted or published; conference presentations; contributions to workshops or seminars; communication of the project to non peer-group audiences, such as through press, radio, TV or online.


Completed forms and covering letters should be sent to Dr John David by 24 June 2016.
Email: [email protected]

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