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  • RHS Garden Hyde Hall blog: What's in a name / RHS Gardening

    With the help of my volunteer, I need to complete the bed plan by drawing in the position of the trees and filling in the accompanying log with tree names, numbers and general condition...With all trees recorded I head back up to the office for my next job of making some temporary hanging labels

  • RHS gardening - inspiring everyone to grow / RHS Gardening

    trees...Horticulturist Aimee-Beth Browning from RHS Garden Harlow Carr enthuses about Betula lenta (sweet birch), which lights up the woodlands during the autumn with its spectacular blaze of colour...Horticulturist Aimee-Beth Browning from RHS Garden Harlow Carr enthuses about Betula lenta (sweet birch), which lights up the woodlands during the autumn with its spectacular blaze of colour

  • Apple leaf mining moth / RHS Gardening

    Plants affected: Apple, cherry, ornamental Prunus , hawthorn ( Crataegus ) and birch ( Betula...In late summer some apple trees can have a large proportion of their leaves mined and some leaves may contain many caterpillars...This insect does not harm the health of trees or crops, despite the extensive mining that can occur

  • RHS Partner Gardens come out on top in readers' poll / RHS Gardening

    In autumn, the fabulous line of Himalayan birch trees ( Betula utilis ) along the path in the Double Walled Garden makes a statement, while on the ground, visitors can look out for the multi-coloured Waxcaps ( Hygrocybe spp .) ? fragrant mushrooms that abound in the garden?s unfertilised meadows and lawns

  • RHS Garden Hyde Hall plant of the month blog: Betula utilis 'Fascination' / RHS Gardening

    2015 The fascination of birch bark provides colourful interest during winter...Small trees are great for providing a backbone and Betula utilis ?Fascination? fits the bill perfectly providing both winter interest and structure...birch

  • Show highlights at RHS Malvern Spring Festival 2018 / RHS Gardening

    Divided into four central segments, the density of planting ensured every inch of space was filled, both with plants at ground level, as well as trees such as silver birch and pencil cypress...

  • Ready, Set, Glow this Christmas at the RHS Gardens / RHS Gardening

    A winding route takes visitors past a luminous birch grove, sycamore seeds floating in the dark, trees on Clover Hill aglow against the night sky, and the sculptural Winter Garden brought to life in technicolour

  • Giving wildlife a helping hand at RHS Chatsworth Flower Show / RHS Gardening

    Native and non-native trees and hedges, nectar-rich flowers, wildflower meadow, sedum roof and areas of long grass to help attract a diverse range of creatures...A number of trees will feature in the garden including a copse of taller specimens to create some shade in the garden...Birch, holly, rowan, hawthorn and crab apple will all support a diverse range of insects and fruits/berries in the autumn

  • Wildlife in gardens / RHS Gardening

    Nectar and pollen for insects from flowering trees and shrubs...Forest trees such as oak, ash and beech, while excellent for wildlife, are too large for most gardens...In a garden dead trees or branches should be checked for signs of disease...

  • Birds in your garden / RHS Gardening

    Consider planting berrying shrubs and trees, including favourites such as Malus , Sorbus , Cotoneaster and Pyracantha...Many birds nest in dense vegetation including shrubs, hedgerows and trees...Holes in trees provide a natural nest site for several species

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