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  • Beautiful open gardens to visit in the UK | Public gardens /RHS Gardening

    Birch...There are also winter-flowering and scented shrubs, rhododendrons, and an underlying structure is given by topiary and some wonderful trees.The ancient, contorted sweet chestnuts that overlook the croquet lawn are still productive...trees

  • Partner Gardens in autumn / RHS Gardening

    Vivid specimen trees such as Ginkgo biloba and swamp cypress, alongside tapestries of arching grasses, seed heads and delicate Crocus speciosus , will have photographers reaching for the camera...Other seasonal treats include Nyssa , the buttery yellows of the Birch Grove, glowing deciduous oaks and rust-coloured Taxodium...

  • Gall mites / RHS Gardening

    Birch big bud mite ( Acalitus calycophthirus ): Enlarged buds that fail to develop...Birch felt gall mites ( Acalitus longisetosus and A. rudis ): Dense creamy-white hairs to develop on the leaves, mainly on the underside

  • RHS Garden Rosemoor | Fun, family days out & events in North Devon / RHS Gardening

    The glassy surface of the cold water reflects the surrounding trees and coloured stems of Salix and Cornus...There is still plenty of structure in this garden during winter with upright Viburnum , the rounded form of Cistus and Potentilla and the branch patterns of large trees against the sky as a backdrop

  • What's looking great in spring at Battleston Hill at RHS Garden Wisley / RHS Gardening

    Eucalyptus trees show off their multi-coloured, peeling bark at the top of the hill, with birches and maples among the most striking trees for their bark ? some glossy, some shaggy

  • Seed: collecting and storing / RHS Gardening

    Seed can be saved from many trees, shrubs, perennials, aquatic plants, alpines, annuals, biennials, bulbous plants, ornamental grasses vegetables and herbs...Catkins (e.g. birch

  • RHS Garden Harlow Carr blog: Spring is just around the corner / RHS Gardening

    We have planted a great selection of oaks, birch , alders , field maple , and hawthorn and it will be interesting to watch them flourish over the following months and years, altering the look of the landscape...It had been identified as a tree that needed some attention, but the wind took the decision out of our hands on Wednesday and, once down, it was easy to see why it had become weak as the inside was just a hollow core

  • Moths in your garden / RHS Gardening

    Native trees and hedging plants, such as oak, birch, willows, hawthorn and hornbeam, support many moth caterpillars

  • RHS Garden Rosemoor blog: February's Plant of the Month / RHS Gardening

    This little plant can be found beneath deciduous trees where there is plenty of leafmould in many locations throughout the garden...In the Arboretum it forms carpets of yellow beneath both deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs...Although it is not a native, Eranthis hyemalis AGM has naturalised and it is found growing in woods and shaded spots beneath deciduous trees throughout the British Isles

  • Modern and minimal garden design ideas / RHS Gardening

    Key plants here are the acer tree (enclosed by box) white-flowered Luzula and the contrasting larger leaves in the foreground, which are probably peonies...The structure is softened by gorgeous soft, lush planting, mainly perennials, plus the multi-stemmed silver birch

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