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Cotoneaster lacteus


<i>Cotoneaster lacteus</i> C. lacteus is a large evergreen shrub with arching branches bearing oval leaves to 6cm in length, white-hairy beneath. Large clusters of small white flowers are followed by small red berries
Cotoneaster conspicuus


<i>Cotoneaster conspicuus</i> C. conspicuus is a dense, mound-forming, evergreen shrub with arching branches and very small, dark green leaves. Small, white flowers are produced all along the branches in summer, followed by bright red, long-lasting berries
Cotoneaster amoenus


<i>Cotoneaster amoenus</i> C. amoenus is a densely-branched evergreen shrub to 1.5m. Small glossy green leaves are greyish woolly below. White flowers with pinkish purple anthers, in June, are followed by bright red berries borne in clusters at the end of short twigs

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