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Beth Chatto Feature Garden RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival / RHS Gardening


Beth Chatto: The Drought-Tolerant Garden...Beth Chatto: The Drought-Tolerant Garden...Beth Chatto: The Drought-Tolerant Garden
Watering / RHS Gardening


It is better to water the garden before drought really sets in, to keep the soil moisture levels even and avoid the soil being continuously dry...Once drought has set in to border, it is futile to try and remedy this by light watering over a wide area...See our advice on drought-resistant plants for more on plant choice
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Succulent Aeonium, prickly Opuntia and silver-leaved Helichrysum provide heat tolerant and drought resistant planting and contrast with a riot of colour behind
RHS plant & gardening scientific research & science projects / RHS Gardening


With drought sweeping across the country we're uniting with Cranfield University, Bedfordshire to recruit and train the UK?s first garden water scientist...Discover our drought and watering strategy at RHS Gardens - summer A 'dry' or drought-resistant garden doesn't have to lack in colour and style
Non-flowering woody plants / RHS Gardening


Shrubs often fail to flower after drought, including drought the previous year
Trees and shrubs: improving health of declining specimens / RHS Gardening


Though well-established trees and shrubs can generally cope with a degree of drought stress, extremely dry conditions can result in significant leaf loss or premature leaf fall...Drought stress may contribute to or speed up decline, if the tree or shrub is suffering other problems already...However, avoid overfeeding that encourages soft, lush growth that is more prone to drought damage
Trees for climate change / RHS Gardening


Drought impact: Drought crack is likely to increase in England and to cause defects in timber
Weather damage / RHS Gardening


But sometimes worse damage is by prolonged weather events such as drought or waterlogging...Waterlogging and drought may be involved, but pests and fungal root diseases are also often to blame...Drought: In dry spells , roots cannot gather sufficient water to sustain the foliage
Leaf damage on woody plants / RHS Gardening


Curled leaves can be due to drought, cold damage, excess sunlight, sap-sucking insects or caterpillars that bind leaves...Other causes are overwatering, waterlogging , drought stress and leaf disease...Control: Remedy over-watering, waterlogging, drought stress and control leaf diseases

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