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Lawns: dead patches / RHS Gardening


A brown lawn, caused by drought...Remedy: See our advice on lawns: care during drought for further information...drought
How to grow caryopteris / RHS Gardening


Caryopteris are easy-to-grow, drought-tolerant shrubs , prized for their lavender-blue flowers...Once established, they should cope well with drought , so are ideal for drier regions...Once established, caryopteris are drought tolerant and shouldn?t need additional watering
Lawns: dry patch / RHS Gardening


As a consequence the grass suffers from severe drought, even in wet weather...Even if the grass has an extensive root system the water cannot get to the roots and the plant effectively suffers from severe drought, even in wet weather...drought
Green roofs / RHS Gardening


Green roofs are affected by drought and waterlogging...Intensive green roofs: Drought tolerant plants are good choices, as they tend to be both sun and wind tolerant...See our page on drought resistant plants for further ideas on plants for an intensive roof garden
Trees and shrubs: planting / RHS Gardening


Drought stress is common with newly planted trees and shrubs...With experience, it is possible to detect the dull, lifeless foliage indicative of drought stress but by then the tree has already been damaged...Overwatering is possible, especially on poor draining soils and with automatic irrigation systems, which leads to rotting roots and symptoms similar to drought
Highlights of the RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival 2019 / RHS Gardening


Beth Chatto Drought Tolerant Garden...Seating in the Drought Tolerant garden...The Beth Chatto team used drought-tolerant plants in a nod to our ever-changing and unpredictable climate
Wet and dry soils: plants for / RHS Gardening


At the other extreme, drought means as moisture is lost through plants? leaves and stems, they also wilt, desiccate and die...Drought-resistant gardening...Drought-resistant plants
Chlorosis / RHS Gardening


Drought conditions may also lead to chlorosis, followed by browning and leaf loss...Drought-resistant gardening...Drought-resistant plants
How to grow Cistus / RHS Gardening


With their dainty tissue-paper-like flowers, cistus are among the most drought tolerant of shrubs...Once established, cistus are extremely drought tolerant, so should only need watering during prolonged dry spells...If drought has set in and your plant does need a drink, give it a thorough soaking once or twice a week rather than watering little and often
Why has my tree or shrub died? / RHS Gardening


Unless it gets its roots successfully established into the surrounding soil, it will be prone to failure particularly in times of stress such as during drought or waterlogging...Unless a plant is known to tolerate drought or wet soil conditions , extended periods of either can put plants under stress and, in some cases, lead to plant death...Remedy : Consider watering and mulching smaller plants during extreme drought and always keep containerised plants well watered in dry weather

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