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The wonderful thing about these adaptations to heat and drought is that they give plants amazing personalities, full of interesting colour, texture and form...Evergreen plants such as Mediterranean cypresses work well in this kind of scheme ? they look great all year and their needle-like, fragrant leaves mean they?re superbly adapted to drought and heat
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The world-famous drought-resistant Gravel Garden began in 1992 as an experiment to replace sun-scorched grass with a living garden of drought-tolerant plants, without resorting to artificial irrigation, coupled with the lowest rainfall in the UK and free-draining gravel soil
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It will usefully tolerates drought , is frost hardy and can be grown in pots on sunny terraces or patios...tolerant of conditions that would make lesser plants suffer, including poor soil , drought and exposed conditions
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Main causes Frost, drought, drying winds, hot sun...A wide range of environmental factors can cause this such as frost , drought including under-watering, waterlogging , drying winds, hot sun and even salt-laden winds in coastal areas
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An erratic supply of water, such as high rainfall after long periods of drought, is the main cause of splitting...Occasionally splitting and shattering can occur at harvest time if roots have recently absorbed a sudden excess of water after a period of drought
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It causes brown patches of grass, most often in summer when the turf is under drought stress...These symptoms are seen most often in summer, especially if the lawn comes under drought stress
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The concept for the original show garden had included wetlands, a rain garden and drought-tolerant planting as well as living walls, which had to be transported to Aberdeen, and then stored for two years while the new hospital building was built...The circular water feature, complete with a bubbling fountain at its centre, creates a constant soothing background noise, and the drought-tolerant living wall has been re-shaped to allow it to be included in the hospital garden
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dislikes harsh summer drought...Happy in sun or partial shade but dislikes summer drought
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A brown lawn, caused by drought...Remedy: See our advice on lawns: care during drought for further information

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