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RHS Garden Wisley blog: September plant of the month / RHS Gardening


Months of glorious colour from drought tolerant plants...As long as we give them a warm, sunny, sheltered location many will tolerate drought conditions for short periods
Greening balconies and roof gardens / RHS Gardening


To thrive on a roof or balcony, plants ideally need to be both drought and wind tolerant ? and luckily there are lots to choose from...To cut down on watering, use drought-loving plants and avoid small pots as they dry out much faster than larger ones
Lawns: dry patch / RHS Gardening


As a consequence the grass suffers from severe drought, even in wet weather...Even if the grass has an extensive root system the water cannot get to the roots and the plant effectively suffers from severe drought, even in wet weather
Design ideas for small gardens at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2016 / RHS Gardening


In The Drought Garden , designer Steve Dimmock used smooth cobbles within a curved channel lined with rough stone to define the dry stream bed, and laid a York stone flagstone across to give access through the garden...Beds were planted with silvery drought-tolerant plants to soften the harsh stream edges
RHS discovers signs of autumn appearing weeks early in gardens / RHS Gardening


The spring drought and heatwave, heavy rain in early summer and the recent prolonged scorching temperatures have made for an interesting growing season...While some crops, like apples, seem to be ready a couple of weeks earlier than usual, leaf fall and colouring seen now follows heat and drought stress and we can still look forward to good autumn tree colour
Conifers: brown patches / RHS Gardening


Trimming in the summer during times of plant stress, such as prolonged drought or hot, dry spells may also be a factor...RHS Gardening Advice believes that many brown patches are likely to result from adverse growing conditions such as drought, frost, waterlogging or cold, drying winds, all of which could inhibit regeneration from the trimmed foliage
Kiwi fruit / RHS Gardening


Drought stress will cause drooping leaves, brown edges to the leaves and even complete defoliation...Leaf scorch may show as brown edges to the leaves and may be caused by drought or drying winds
Phytophthora root rot / RHS Gardening


Other factors causing root problems, such as waterlogging, drought or other root diseases (e.g. honey fungus) will cause similar foliar symptoms...This area of infection is sometimes visible externally as bark discoloration and/or weeping, although once again such symptoms can be caused by other factors such as drought, waterlogging or pest attack
Rootstocks for fruit / RHS Gardening


Water plants during drought...drought
New-build gardens / RHS Gardening


On heavy clay, lawns will also deteriorate with the winter wet while, over a sandy soil, they will become starved and prone to drought...Use the site and soil as a guide to plant selection: do plants need to be drought resistant , shade tolerant , able to cope with coastal conditions , wet soils or clay soils

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