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Vegetables: transplanting / RHS Gardening


This a crucial stage when the plants are vulnerable to stress from cold and drought, and also vulnerable to birds, slugs and other pests...Drought stress is very damaging to young vegetable plants...Drought: if plants wilt or shed lower leaves, water more frequently, aiming to wet the soil to slightly below the depth of the transplant?s roots
Cacti & succulent houseplants / RHS Gardening


Low maintenance and drought tolerant, cacti and succulents make attractive and easy-to-grow houseplants...These drought-tolerant plants don?t like damp conditions, especially in winter, and will rot if overwatered
How to grow lavender / RHS Gardening


After that, once it?s well established, lavender is drought tolerant so rarely needs watering when grown in the ground unless there are severe drought conditions
How to grow pelargoniums / RHS Gardening


They'll survive drought with ease, but not frost, so bring plants indoors before temperatures drop or take cuttings for overwintering...Heat and drought-tolerant...If you are looking for a show-stopping bedding plant, a drought-tolerant hanging basket plant or something new for the windowsill or conservatory, pelargoniums make a great choice
what is grey water: expert RHS advice on using grey water in gardens / RHS Gardening


drought...There should be no problem with small-scale, short-term use of grey water to tide plants over in summer drought
How to grow cordyline / RHS Gardening


Easy to grow and drought tolerant...Established plants are drought tolerant and shouldn?t require watering...Poor growth, yellowing and browning of the foliage or excess leaf drop ? these may be caused by cold, wet weather in winter, or drought and heat stress in summer
Read the gardeners' blogs from RHS Garden Rosemoor / RHS Gardening


It will usefully tolerates drought , is frost hardy and can be grown in pots on sunny terraces or patios...tolerant of conditions that would make lesser plants suffer, including poor soil , drought and exposed conditions
Beautiful open gardens to visit in the UK | Public gardens /RHS Gardening


The world-famous drought-resistant Gravel Garden began in 1992 as an experiment to replace sun-scorched grass with a living garden of drought-tolerant plants, without resorting to artificial irrigation, coupled with the lowest rainfall in the UK and free-draining gravel soil
News at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018 / RHS Gardening


The concept for the original show garden had included wetlands, a rain garden and drought-tolerant planting as well as living walls, which had to be transported to Aberdeen, and then stored for two years while the new hospital building was built...The circular water feature, complete with a bubbling fountain at its centre, creates a constant soothing background noise, and the drought-tolerant living wall has been re-shaped to allow it to be included in the hospital garden

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