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RHS Garden Wisley blog: September plant of the month / RHS Gardening


Months of glorious colour from drought tolerant plants...As long as we give them a warm, sunny, sheltered location many will tolerate drought conditions for short periods
How to grow ceanothus / RHS Gardening


Once established, they are fairly drought tolerant and shouldn?t need regular watering ? it is this trait that makes them a popular choice for dry and Mediterranean-style gardens...If drought has set in, give plants a single, thorough soak rather than water little and often...The latter encourages surface roots rather than deep ones, which can make plants more susceptible to drought in future
Design ideas for small gardens at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2016 / RHS Gardening


In The Drought Garden , designer Steve Dimmock used smooth cobbles within a curved channel lined with rough stone to define the dry stream bed, and laid a York stone flagstone across to give access through the garden...Beds were planted with silvery drought-tolerant plants to soften the harsh stream edges
Root vegetables: splitting / RHS Gardening


An erratic supply of water, such as high rainfall after long periods of drought, is the main cause of splitting...Occasionally splitting and shattering can occur at harvest time if roots have recently absorbed a sudden excess of water after a period of drought
RHS COP26 Garden to feature at 2021 RHS Chelsea Flower Show / RHS Gardening


For instance using highly drought tolerant desert plants, which can also put up with occasional deluges, or creating meadows, or the equivalent of a Garrigue, to accommodate the extremes of drought and downpour
Take-all patch / RHS Gardening


It causes brown patches of grass, most often in summer when the turf is under drought stress...These symptoms are seen most often in summer, especially if the lawn comes under drought stress
Expert advice on the best alpine plants for colourful foliage / RHS Gardening


It'll also recover well from summer drought...But its colour remains bright, fresh-green from spring to autumn and it takes drought once established
Lawn: rust disease / RHS Gardening


Lawns lacking in vigour (due to factors such as nutrient deficiency or drought stress) are often more prone to attack...drought

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