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Moss on lawns / RHS Gardening


Moss can be a temporary problem following drought or waterlogging, or more persistent, suggesting a problem with underlying conditions...Drought-stressed grass
How to grow ornamental grasses / RHS Gardening


After that, most grasses will be fairly drought tolerant...After that, most grasses growing in the ground are fairly drought tolerant and shouldn?t need additional watering except during prolonged hot or dry periods
How to grow viburnums / RHS Gardening


Evergreen viburnums are usually more drought tolerant and don?t generally need additional watering once established...Drought conditions ? can cause problems in summer for many shallow-rooted viburnums, especially the summer-flowering species
How to grow lathyrus / RHS Gardening


Sweet peas and perennial peas can occasionally get problems, but fortunately few are very serious: A grey leaf covering is caused by powdery mildew , made worse by drought or insufficient watering...Drought and temperature stress causes scorched foliage and bud drop
How to grow echium / RHS Gardening


Once established, Echium are fairly drought tolerant...Once established they are fairly drought tolerant and should not require frequent watering
How to grow apricots / RHS Gardening


Water newly planted trees frequently in their first spring and summer, and before the onset of any drought, when mature trees may need watering too...This will help to prevent drought stress, especially in early to mid-summer when the fruit is swelling
How to grow Erica / RHS Gardening


Ericas also like free-draining soil, and once settled in are fairly tolerant of drought...Once established, ericas are reasonably drought tolerant
How to grow alpines / RHS Gardening


Many alpines are drought tolerant at high altitudes where the temperatures are much cooler, but at lower altitudes where the climate is warmer such as in our gardens, plants may dry out faster and need more regular watering, particularly in hot, dry weather...These tough plants are relatively trouble free, but drought-tolerant alpines are prone to rot and fungal diseases if allowed to get too damp, especially in winter when they?re not in active growth
Yucca / RHS Gardening


Drought-resistant gardening...Making our gardens more resistant to drought is...Making our gardens more resistant to drought is...
Apple tree problems: frequently asked questions / RHS Gardening


Some pests and diseases can cause fruit drop, as can adverse growing conditions such as severe drought...Poor growing conditions, e.g. drought, excess shade, lack of nutrients

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