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Cistus / RHS Gardening


This colourful summer display, on robust and extremely drought-tolerant shrubs, makes cistus a stalwart of Mediterranean, gravel and coastal gardens, and the perfect choice for many tricky planting spots
Raised beds on the allotment / RHS Gardening


Both slugs and root diseases are much less problematic in the well-drained conditions of raised beds, but in droughts the beds may need more watering...To some extent, preparing the soil beneath raised beds by double digging first will increase potential rooting depth and help plants cope with drought, as indeed will generous mulching of plants
Success with Agapanthus / RHS Gardening


Though they are drought tolerant, they still benefit from lots of water during the growing season if they're to thrive
The wonderful world of Surreal Succulents / RHS Gardening


Found all over the world, succulents are drought-tolerant plants with bold and architectural shapes
Roses show off their hips / RHS Gardening


As the drought subsided into a more familiar UK pattern of sun and showers, the fruit that followed the flowers began to swell
Projects on climate change - waterlogging and Mediterranean plants / RHS Gardening


With climate change scenarios for the UK predicting warmer summers with higher sunlight hours and periods of drought, Mediterranean species are being promoted as ideal garden plants
A London village that blooms year round / RHS Gardening


Walthamstow Village in Bloom now runs activities throughout the year with innovative fundraising events and family planting days, with a focus on drought-tolerant planting, edibles and wildlife
RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017 Fresh Gardens / RHS Gardening


Colour-washed walls in clementine, coral and cappuccino provided a dramatic backdrop to the planting scheme, which featured multistem trees and drought-tolerant herbaceous planting
Improving water management in horticulture / RHS Gardening


RHS project team Janet Manning Partners Cranfield University Start date 01/01/2018 00:00:00 End date 01/01/2021 21:00:00 The problem Climate change brings with it extreme weather ? flooding, drought, heatwaves and storms

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