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How to grow tree peonies / RHS Gardening


Established plants are drought tolerant, but prolonged periods of drought may affect flowering the following season
Azaleas indoors / RHS Gardening


if plants are left to suffer drought conditions, growth may be stunted and flower buds may fail to develop or may only partially develop, eventually falling unopened or shrivelling on the plant...Leaf drop: Leaf drop can occur following a period of drought
Microclimates: assessing your garden / RHS Gardening


Drought: Walls keep off rain causing a mini-rainshadow up to a metre (yard) wide from the base of the wall...For example, a large eucalyptus in a small garden will impose drought and shade for a long distance into adjacent plots
The Garden - a monthly podcast from the offices of the RHS members' magazine / RHS Gardening


And finally, broadcaster Michael Perry talks about an unusual new plant on the block that?s as good outdoors as it is as a houseplant ? the exotic-looking and drought-tolerant mangave...February 2019 ? Spawning glories, drought lessons and how to beat tomato blight...Useful links ? Advice on garden ponds ? RHS find a plant ? RHS Science ? Tips on tomato blight ? Dealing with drought ? The Garden magazine ? Join the RHS
Rock gardening / RHS Gardening


Drought-resistant gardening...Making our gardens more resistant to drought is...Making our gardens more resistant to drought is...
How to grow beech / RHS Gardening


drought...Prolonged drought will cause beech trees to suffer
How to grow shrubby hydrangeas / RHS Gardening


Water blue-flowered cultivars preferably with rainwater to retain the flower colour but, if rainwater is in short supply, use tap water to prevent drought stress...Drought stress can also cause this problem so mulching may be more helpful
How to grow lupins / RHS Gardening


Once established, they are reasonably drought tolerant so rarely need watering when grown in the ground, unless there is a severe drought...
How to grow hemerocallis / RHS Gardening


Established plants will cope with drought, although flowering may be reduced...Once established, hemerocallis tend to be drought tolerant as they have an extensive root system

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