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RHS Garden Hyde Hall | Events & attractions in Chelmsford, Essex / RHS Gardening


Highlights include the Dry Garden with its fantastic range of drought-resistant plants and the Global Growth Vegetable Garden featuring a showcase of edibles from around the world
Water: collecting, storing and re-using / RHS Gardening


Drought-resistant gardening...Making our gardens more resistant to drought is...Making our gardens more resistant to drought is...
How to grow yew / RHS Gardening


Once established, it can cope with drought, but dislikes waterlogged conditions, which can cause the roots to rot...If yew leaves turn bronze or bronze-red, it is usually due to poor growing conditions, such as waterlogging or drought
Dry Garden at RHS Garden Hyde Hall / RHS Gardening


One of Hyde Hall's crowning achievements, the Dry Garden is a triumphant showcase of drought-tolerant plants that thrive in regions of very low rainfall
A-Z at RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival 2022 / RHS Gardening


It will contain a combination of rare and unusual drought-tolerant plants that together create a lush and vernal effect
Lupin (Lupinus) / RHS Gardening


Heavy, wet soil is not appreciated by lupins, and they dislike drought when growth begins in spring
Pelargoniums with trailing stems / RHS Gardening


Although they are drought tolerant, the plants become stunted if regularly kept too dry
Pulmonaria / RHS Gardening


Very dry soil can cause leaves to wither, especially in full sun, and plants can suffer during prolonged periods of drought in summer
Cacti & succulents / RHS Gardening


Low maintenance and drought tolerant, cacti and succulents make attractive and easy-to-grow houseplants
Robinson Garden at RHS Garden Hyde Hall / RHS Gardening


Behind the Farmhouse and Woodland Garden is the north-east facing Robinson Garden ? an original area of Hyde Hall created by the Robinsons, filled with a diverse and detailed range of planting, from shade-loving bog plants to drought tolerant species

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