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When using soil-free media (multipurpose compost), ideally choose a peat-free one, but be aware that peat-free media might require frequent use of chelated iron to avoid chlorosis...
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Peat?reduced and peat-free ericaceous growing media ? An on-going assessment with camellia
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Plus expert tips on peat free-growing from Propagation Team Leader Sam Gallivan at RHS Garden Wisley...Or that using peat-free compost in your garden is a great way to save wildlife and cut your carbon footprint...Ode to the dahlia, growing peat free and front garden tips (26 Mar 2020
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They need bright, filtered light and moderate humidity, and should be planted in loam-based ericaceous compost, adding about 20 percent peat-free potting media for additional humus
Growing hardy Sarracenia in your garden / RHS Gardening


The RHS has pledged to go peat free and is experimenting with other forms of growing media for specialist plants...
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However, some growers have undertaken their own trials with peat-free alternatives and are now sharing their successes...Peat-free carnivorous plant potting mix...Grow these hardy forms in a bog garden , created using a perforated pond liner and compost mix of five parts peat-free ericaceous (e.g. SylvaGrow Ericaceous) to one part washed sharp sand
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The RHS has pledged to go peat-free and is experimenting with alternative growing media for specialist plants...
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Congratulations Sarah Duddigan for your work into "Soil carbon and soil management", Lauren Edwards for your research into "Mycorrhizae and peat-free growing media" and Sara Kemp for your efforts into"Green roofs and water management
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Free entry to RHS members at selected times...Another alternative is to mix half fine composted bark (or an orchid compost) with half multipurpose growing media, including peatfree
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Ideally use a peat-free potting media formulated for indoor plants

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