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Palms: indoors / RHS Gardening


Ideally use a peat-free potting media formulated for indoor plants
How to grow rhododendrons / RHS Gardening


RHS research has found that soil-less potting media, including ericaceous peat-free potting composts are suitable for rhododendron growing
How to grow brugmansia / RHS Gardening


Peat-free growing media...Peat-free growing media
See the complete RHS Gardening Podcast index / RHS Gardening


Peat-free houseplants and unearthing the secret identities of honey fungus (28/10/21...Plus expert tips on peat free-growing from Propagation Team Leader Sam Gallivan at RHS Garden Wisley...Or that using peat-free compost in your garden is a great way to save wildlife and cut your carbon footprint
Containers: planting up / RHS Gardening


Short-term plants: Use a multipurpose peat-free compost
How to grow bromeliads / RHS Gardening


Alternatively, use an equal-parts mix of fine composted bark (or orchid compost) and multipurpose compost, including peat-free options
The Garden - a monthly podcast from the offices of the RHS members' magazine / RHS Gardening


Grown your own gooseberries ? Peat-free composts ? The Garden magazine ? Join the RHS ? Get RHS gardening advice online...RHS Plant Finder online and in print ? RHS Master Grower initiative ? Peat-free composts ? How to go plastic-free in your garden ? The Garden magazine ? Join the RHS
African violets (streptocarpus) / RHS Gardening


Use a peat-free houseplant compost or specialist compost for African violets...Fill pots with free-draining compost, such as seed and cuttings compost, or mix equal quantities of peat-free multipurpose compost and sharp sand or perlite

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