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Short-term plants: Use a multipurpose peat-free compost
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Addressing the serious issues surrounding the use of peat and the drive to use peat-free alternatives, the Dalefoot Wool Compost with Comfrey champions an alternative peat-free media with a blend of comfrey, bracken and sheep?s wool sourced only from the UK to offer gardeners a sustainable option to their growing
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Revitalise any sad, abandoned tubs, troughs and other containers with fresh peat free potting compost and plant summer bedding plants (remembering to have an old curtain or similar to draw over them if any night frosts threaten in the next few weeks
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A suitable potting compost can be made from equal parts leafmould , composted bark, and lime-free sharp sand (alternatively, buy an ericaceous peat-free compost...Plunge the pots to the rim in a bed of ericaceous peat-free compost to avoid the danger of frequent drying out
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Most crops will grow perfectly well in a multipurpose compost, either peat based or peat free
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Ludisia are terrestrial orchids that need a well-aerated, free-draining compost such as: 3 parts fibrous peat-free compost, 3 parts coarse grit, 1 part perlite and 1 part fine charcoal
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Alternatively, use peat-free multipurpose compost mixed with about 20% perlite/sharp-sand/horticultural grit
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If you suspect a problem with a particular batch of peat-free or peat-reduced compost or manure it is possible to do a simple test for weedkiller residues...SylvaGrow is an RHS-approved peat-free compost that does not contain green waste so is worth considering as an alternative
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Alternatively, mix three parts loam-based compost, such as John Innes No.2, with two parts grit or perlite and one part peat-free multipurpose compost

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