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A peat free multi-purpose compost is ideal for containers...Allow the roots to reach 1-2cm (up to 1in) long and then pot on singly in 7.5cm (3in) pots of peat-free multipurpose compost
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Free entry to RHS members at selected times...Peat soils are very high in organic matter and moisture...Peat soils are mainly organic matter and are usually very fertile and hold much moisture
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Free entry to RHS members at selected times...He was a founder of the Garden Media Guild, created in 1991, and in 1993 he became the first recipient of its Lifetime Achievement membership gives me free family days out as often as I like
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Free entry to RHS members at selected times...They should be built slightly away from the bank and all stones laid slightly sloped back for stability with free-draining compost added as a backfill...Roots can then be spread out and covered with 2.5cm (½in) of a suitable soil mix, such as equal parts good loam, peat substitute and sharp grit
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These peat-free or peat-reduced compost products can often look and feel very different to traditional peat based mixes but perhaps the real question is what affects are these changes having on the plants you grow
Gardens look at the challenge of a changing climate / RHS Gardening


To lessen their impact on the environment a number of growers and nurseries exhibiting this year have made positive changes by, for example, going peat free, growing in bio-degradable pots, switching from chemical to biological pest controls and harvesting rainwater for irrigation
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Go peat free : Protecting precious peatland habitats which are the largest land carbon store and havens for biodiversity will also help reduce flood risks
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Free entry to RHS members at selected times...A soil-based compost is better for its water-holding capacity than a peat-substitute mix, but will be heavier...If weight is a consideration, and you use a peat-substitute mix, the container may need to be fixed so that it doesn?t blow over in strong winds
10 ways to be more sustainable in your garden / RHS Gardening


Free entry to RHS members at selected times...When we take peat for our gardens, carbon is released and habitats are damaged...Keeping peat in bogs ? not bags ? is a crucial part of the fight against climate change
Wildlife gardening in a changing climate / RHS Gardening


Free entry to RHS members at selected times...Start by cutting out peat (peat bogs are a major natural store of CO2), managing water carefully and taking good care of your soil

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